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One who inserts his penis into that of another person/animal(s) anus, thus "jamming" their arse. Generally reserved for homsexual reference.
by Ross February 10, 2002
A sexual act which invovles grabbing a woman by her hair and pulling it under her legs. As the woman is doubled over she can be penetrated from the rear.
"I got goose gripped by a cockmaster last night, i've got such a crick in the neck"
by Ross October 31, 2004
Sexualty In One
Always Wants To Have Sex
Porn Star
by Ross November 22, 2003
Slang for Anal Sex
Man, I aberdeined that chick but good
by Ross July 05, 2003
1337 player of Counter Strike Source.
"Man, you some kind of Dagley?"
by Ross March 31, 2005
One who inserts his penis into another (mans) anus repeatedly, with a large degree of force.
Wow, look how damaged jakes asshole is! I'll bet his potty slammer of a boyfriend pummeled his poo chute hard!!
by Ross September 13, 2004
a turtle with sunglasses.
Let's go to the pet shop and buy a Cort!
by Ross November 03, 2003
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