93 definitions by ross

Sarcastic name for one who has just done or said something extremely stupid.
Kyle: (accidentaly knocks baby off bridge after balancing it on the railing)
Ross:way to go quick shit!

also see: quickness
by Ross March 28, 2004
The act of inserting ones hand into a bucket of ice water and then handling anothers genitalia.
Man, I sure gave her the cool hand luke.
by Ross June 14, 2003
Can be used in place of "yes."
"Are you coming to watch the jelly-wrestling Brian?"

"For real, man."
by Ross October 14, 2003
jewbie comes from my producer and it means ghetto as in bad, ugly, dumb
with that duct tape on your phone, it looks jewbie
by Ross March 01, 2005
the penis (also "pud")
to pull the pud(ding): (of a male) to masturbate
by Ross December 05, 2003
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