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any time in a males life when they get a hard on in public, sometimes happens as mornin wood, but anytime when it is unexpected
see also stiffy
Man I woke up this morning with a raging monopoly.
by ross March 05, 2004
Any vehicle made by BMW.
My dad let me drive his Beemer.
by Ross April 03, 2004
Palpitate: The action of thrusting one's weiner inside a warm, wet poooosy!
Yonke bent the intern against his cube and palpitated her for an hour.

Yonke sure knows how to Palp....just ask Prod!
by ROSS February 09, 2005
weed, baccy, skins and card.
i smoke the spliff
by ross February 01, 2004
sarcastic name for someone who has just done or said something very stupid
Kyle: (accidentaly locks keys and baby in car)
Ross: "way to go quickness"
Kyle: "shutup"

also see quick shit
by Ross March 27, 2004
Donko..created by Aimee'. Owned by Mark and Ross. Donko has no real meaning , and is used to mean whatever.
You're a mad donko.
Why are you such a fucking Don ko?

Donk off ya mad doight.
by Ross April 11, 2005
Synonym for pussy, snatch, twat etc.
Damn, would'nt mind checking out her slotch
by Ross September 08, 2004

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