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A rat is someone who rats. Rats are often found while playing cards (especially Texas Hold'em). Rats rat by catching lucky cards when they make horribler calls. Rats can also be found outside of a card game. Basically when someone does something that is bad for you, you have been ratted.
(while playing Texas Hold'em)
Non-Rat: I'm all in
Rat: Call
(the Non-Rat has pocket Aces. the rat called with 8-9 suited and ratted a flush on the river)
Non-Rat: You fucking rat!!
Rat: rofl
(if the person who got ratted is Ross, everyone present in the room proceeds to snap and say "yeahhhh" for a at least 10 seconds)
by ROSS November 14, 2004
A 12 inch piece of vinyl.

The records club DJs usually play.
I got some dope new 12"s to play at the club tonight
by ross March 14, 2004
also TheNoob968

is a person who constantly says the lyrics to songs for no apparent reason

also may say "teh shaftage"
that person is nearly as n00by as TheLord968
by Ross September 02, 2004
Punk ass crew from Yakima WA attempting to stunt and get thems' some bitches while actually--as is known to everyone but themselves--being a bunch of poor, broke, ghetto motherfucking pussy ass bitches and faggots. Every one of them. Hey, I can live in the hood and have nothing and be nothing--including the respect of those around me--and give myself a flashy name too, but, well, I still wouldn't be shit or have shit. Tisk tisk tisk, like an ignorant six year old pretending to be batman, let them live in their magic happy fantasy world. It's pathetic really.
Hi, I'm Julius from the high rollaz. I talk about rolling with cases of Hypno, but not only have I never owned or seen a case of hypno, I don't know where to purchase a case of hypno. Woops, I sure do look like a camel. Or Beatle Juice.
by Ross June 19, 2004
N. An extremely filthy statement that is very bigoted, arrogant, and usually religious (normally Christian) in nature. Nelsonisms are rare unless coined or stated by their usual source, Nelson Quan, who is of course, very, very filthy.
"I don't think all those Muslim wars would have happened if the Muslims had the Christian God... I mean, you don't see Christians going around starting wars."

Person 1: "It's important not to look at history in terms of good guys and bad guys."
Nelson: "I think that's stupid. Because obviously the Christians are the good guys and everyone else is a bad guy."

Person 1: "Zoroastrianism and Animism played a role in the development of Christianity."
Nelson: "No, no... you don't understand... Chrisianity influenced the development of Zoroastrianism and Animism."
Person 1: "WTF. How is that possible? Zoroastrianism and Animism were developed thousands of years before Christianity."
Nelson: "Well you see, the power of Jesus and the Bible is so great it transcends time and reason."
by Ross December 27, 2004
Sure. It can mean lots of things, like yes, hell yes (excited yes), damn, shit, fuck, asshole, bastard, shit, shit (as in defacating, as in I'm gonna go make a shizzle), and general useage. Perfect word, it sounds good, and it works as anything. Make's a great explanation point.
Fo shizzle ma wizzle in da hizzle of carroltonizzle. What's up, shizzle? Shizzle! I lost my 20! SHIZZLE! I WON THE LOTTERY!
by Ross July 22, 2004
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