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40 definitions by rosie

1. Camp Kill Yourself, a band forcing change in the music industry. Deron Miller,Chad GInsburg, Vern, Jess Margera.
2. Movies made by Bam Margera. They came out after the band but before Jackass.
Force Change Now
by Rosie February 11, 2004
For sure, of course
Will you be attending Jonathan's party tonight?

Fo shizl.
by Rosie January 15, 2004
a mix of confused and befuddled
'your talking so fast i'm confuddled'
by rosie December 15, 2004
An almost painful spasm of the clitoris after being sexually stimulated and having gone several weeks without pussy love...also can refer to the after clit vibrating effects know as clit aftershocks...
OMG i have a pussy twinge..Do NOT so much as breathe on my clit or die!
by Rosie November 15, 2003
quite possibably the tightest person to ever live.
rosie rules the world.
by rosie February 24, 2005
n. authentic, inspired, peerless, usu. in a creative endeavor. See also CKY.
Ginsburg is God
by Rosie February 11, 2004
One who downloads at the same rate as a whore gets pumped...much like a whores risk of contracting pussy fungal viruses and fatal viruses.....the download whore risks the same for the sake of doing what they do best!
Luva called me on the phone, AGAIN, to say,"helppppppppp meee!....i got this virus i can't cure!", To which i Replied "First step to download whore recovery is to admit you are in fact a Download Whore!"
by Rosie February 17, 2004