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What your grandma calls a tantrum.
"Michael, stop chucking a wobbly!"
by Rose likes pie November 27, 2009
Weiner, weenie, peepee, schlong.
That idiot over there has his winkie bird out.
by Rose likes pie November 17, 2009
A freaky show meant for young children. Sure, most of you reading this probably watched it as a kid but it is totally freaky. The show follows the adventures of Pat, a weird-ass postman (who is probably gay and only pretends to be married with kids) and his equally gay pet cat Jess. What happens in a typical episode is:

Theme song plays, and then Pat has to deliver the mail but usually experiences some sort of problem and has to solve it. By the end it is solved and then the same tune as the theme song plays but in whistles.

Whatever the creators were smoking, it's gone and ruined people's minds.

See also: Teletubbies, Fireman Sam, Boohbah, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine
Postman Pat ruined my toddlerhood.
by Rose likes pie November 21, 2009
A children's show similar to Teletubbies, Boohbah or Yo Gabba Gabba. It doesn't seem to teach young kids anything besides making silly noises.

The 'heroes' (if you can call them that) are three weird creatures that look as if they come from Planet Uranus: Iggle-Piggle, Upsy-Daisy and Makka-Pakka. When the show ends, all the blobby things come out and dance then go to bed. It even makes the toughest people want to cry.
In The Night Garden should be shown only at mental hospitals.
by Rose likes pie November 22, 2009
The cool way of saying toilet.
Flush the toilor before you leave the bathroom!
by Rose likes pie November 10, 2009
A mullet on an Irish person.
Look at Sean's mullin!
by Rose likes pie November 23, 2009
A mysterious, undiscovered planet farted out by Uranus
Planet Schmanet is inhabited by weirdos.
by Rose likes pie November 10, 2009

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