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a silly asian kid from Las Vegas
That crazy azn, he's so stupid
by rosco June 21, 2003
The Midgetiest Midget that ever Midgeted.
Rosco The Midget: Touch me, you know you want to.
by Rosco April 15, 2003
a girl who comes from a family that has money and eats high quality food and has been taken care of well. not fat, but not skinny either.
All those cornfed girls from the suburbs be lookin' fine.
by rosco October 24, 2004
What my crazy ass does to someone for making fun of AOL or AOL CDs. I will be charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder.
Maurice says "AOL sucks and breaks an AOL CD"
Rosco punches maurice to the ground and starts stomping him with military combat boots and beats him to a bloody pulp and then the police comes and Rosco runs for it while maurice bleeds half to death
by Rosco April 23, 2004
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