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i do what i want vs. what would jesus do
there's no way i'm doing that. it's my way or the Yahweh.
by RoRo August 14, 2003
refering to the rapper "50 Cent" of the G-Unit crew.
Fidy popped them fools when then ran up on him in that Jersey City hotel.
by roro January 08, 2004
The greatest fart of them all
Damn you Oooloo, did you let out a mode 7? PEUN!!
by roro September 24, 2003
Two door, 2 seated, twin-turbo rotary-powered car.

3 Gens: 1, 2, and 3.

Most popular in gen 3 (1993-1995) In thus US.

Credited as one of the best gas efficient cars ever produced.
Come by Central j-e-r-z and watch the seven burn you.
by roro January 08, 2004
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