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To look like Harry Potter while humping a computer case.
Haha, he's a Greenthree when he does that!
by Roofles September 10, 2003
To make programming blunders; mess up code
Oh man, your code is so Tekroned!
by Roofles September 07, 2003
Points attained by making a funny statement. Roofle points are tabulated by the grand rooflemeister, a position elected locally by the county.
"When i suggested that Brian has regular sex with dogs, i scored some major roofle points"
by roofles February 04, 2003
best thing ever.
oops, phpBB stamped on IPB and vB then forced them to eat each other's shit, vomit it up and eat it again.
by roofles March 31, 2004
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