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The ab lobster is a creature found in Jersey clubs, constantly pointing to his abs which are exposed by his unbuttoned black shirt. The abs are airbrushed for more definition. Avoids harsh lighting that washes out his defintion. If photographed in his natural environment, the ab lobster will give a blank stare with pouty lips. Has no respect for lines. Waits for no one. Can quickly turn on his friends when a blond, tanned, girl with a high and tight ass is seen. Calls dibs on everything. Listens to Lady Ga ga at the gym. Crybates during the day. Claims to have best abs on the east coast. Cousins with the LA Doosh.
I saw this ab lobster in the men's room arguing over the cologne with the bathroom attendant. He took the cool water and used it all on his abs and fly. Then claimed he was the inspiration for Slater on saved by the bell.
by ronward April 21, 2009

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