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A stick made of the finest wood. It is strong, light and easy 2 swing. it is used for causing much commotion. if the commotion stick belongs to a person skilled in bush diving, great powers are released from the stick.
Ron smashed a hole in ms shywees classroom wall after he was threatened with a friday detention
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
a dance in which a student, with a light but visible moe, touches his moe and moves it to the beat, to the beat of rons beatboxing. the only person who does not enjoy moe dancing is the garvacious garvey. The two main participants in moe dancing is seppi and moe. to find out more about these moe dancers check out moe and seppi and beatboxer ron
seppi and moe had the most difficult moe dancing session ever
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
A person who looks like there legs are a penis
haha look at that persons dicklegs
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
a whore with a mullet
lets do a shit on shywee
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
an old woman who has the power to turn into a man.
who do you think you are, some sorta manbone
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
a loud slapping noise that is made wen someone dives into a pool naked. it is the sound of a naked body making contact with the bottom of the pool
tony greer made a loud coddock noise when he dived into the pool naked
by ronny irani January 22, 2004
A bin which has two wheels on the bottom to make it portable. They are ideal for bin riding, bin diving and bin tackling.
Albury jumped in the binny and rode it into a bush
by ronny irani January 22, 2004

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