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Origin is uncertain, but the theory with the most logic behind it is that "86" began as rhyming slang code of the sort found in London's Cockney underworld of the 19th century. As "trouble and strife" meant "wife" in rhyming slang, "86" may have stood for "nix" -- "nix" meaning "nothing", "get rid of" or "to dismiss."
I need a burger with cheese... 86 the "mayo".


I want you to ice him and 86 the body.
by Ronnie February 25, 2004
An event that would involve more effort than you are willing to give
I can't be arsed to do that. It's just too much of a caper.
by Ronnie February 13, 2004
To have a negative effect on or to be in a bad way

To froth it
You are a froth
by Ronnie April 25, 2003
A retard philosophy taught to brain dead college students who've never paid taxes by nimrods who were too stupid to work in the real world. Nerds use liberalism to get back at succesful people who actually had a partner during sexual intercourse.
I was taught liberalism at VSU by a looser who shot himself in the head. I guess liberalism didn't make himthat happy.
by Ronnie March 08, 2005

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