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Just amazingly a cute girl. Shy most of the times but once you start to talk with any girl like her, you see a whole other person. Usually nickname Abii. She tends make funny jokes, well... sometimes, every other time those jokes suck. A real special person to be with. Abii sometimes can be bad with time and let her friends down when it comes to hanging out. No matter what. She is a special girl, smart, simple, and cute. Ok... sometimes ... hot.
Where is Abigail? Did you invited her?... Wait what? She said no at the last minute?.... AAAhiii! abii.... well at least she is cute.
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by ronal108 April 08, 2011
A small city in the middle of nowhere, with a population of 25,682. Bordertown to San Luis R.C., Sonora, Mex. It only has one high school, 2 middle schools, and 6 elementaries. One park,Joe Orduno. Friendship Parks doesnt count cuz its own by the border patrol now.

Hispanic - 22,209 (94.2%)

White alone - 873 (3.7%)

Black alone - 353 (1.5%)

American alone - 109 (0.5%)

Two or more races - 20 (0.08%)

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 9 (0.04%)

Theres only 7 stops-lights and the coolest thing you can do is go to the dunes, and egged the high school. Well besides to the local hang out spots, Big Brother, Walmart (yes i said walmart)and Joe Orduno.
Mia: I thought we where going to Saint Louis.

Ricardo: No! I told you cleary we are going to San Luis!
#san luis #sanluis #san louis #st. louis #sl
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
San Luis High School is a high school in San Luis, Arizona, USA. It is part of the YumaDistrict. The school mascot is the sidewinder. Its a small school, over capacity and with a ratio of 95.5% hispanic students. 4.5% ( Teachers).
Its a good school. The best sports on campus are soccer, tennis, and sometimes track&field or wrestling.

Traditions: non that i am aware of.
Famous people from SLHS: None
Me: I feel like visitng san luis high school.
Emi: Why ?
Me: Its the only place I can get a good sleep.
#san luis #san luis high #san luis high school #slsh #slhs #san lukas
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
Being confused and puzzled at the same exact same time. Willie's might say that the word doesn't exist, but it DOES!!!!!
Willie is confuzzled on whether or not he is gay.
#confused #puzzled #unsure #uncertain #questioning
by ronal108 April 09, 2011
Meaning "Me la Pelas" in Spanish ... Often translated to "suck it". Refering to an action where you have beaten someone else in something and your mockin him. The short-term "M.L.P." is often use texting or while chating.
Mia: You cheated in the game!
Ricardo: No! You just suck. Me la pelas!
Mia: you dirty little hamster!

Reynaldo: I hate you so much!
Ricardo: MLP!
#mlp #me la pelas #mes las pelas #m.l.p #m.l.p.
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
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