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you were getting molested by kaptain kangaroo when these 22-yr-old hipster blitches are wearing his t-shirts today.

you are a prime big-ass daddy pimp
you're retro, but you actually lived through it. retro-real mufucka
damn bitch, that girl was in preschool when you were in 12th grade. retro real mufucka!
Bad Company uses their name in the lyrics of the song. like rappers, retro real puta!
by ron jaworski, quarterback April 29, 2012
a web presentation, often using 'webex'; just combining the words. could also be webentation. making corporate jargon bearable..
hey bitch, you going to that "webertation" ronny from the LA office is doing? it's on the evolution of baseball hats from LA gangsta Rap to contempo hipster.
by ron jaworski, quarterback April 28, 2012
the most dopest shit. it's so dope, it's two-times french dope, including the home reference, that's how bad it is.
that nuggets logo from 74-76 is the most "tres chez dope".
by ron jaworski, quarterback April 28, 2012
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