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A synonym for perfect, beautiful and all other good things you can say to a girl.

Some authers use this as a psuedonym to express a person with the same values.
~Hi, Silje!
- Thank you!
by Romeo December 07, 2004
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FlyGuyCrew.com or FlyGuyCrew.com
by Romeo April 05, 2004
The epidermis which is found between the males scrotum and anus. And the one word your mom yells to me when im f**kin the living day lights outa her.
I am the chode tamer, and you all are my savage biotches!
by Romeo July 21, 2003
A vagina or pussy. The word "punany" is usually used by a male while he is being pleasured by the female.
In the movie the sweetest thing..."I've never had any complaints in the punany odor departament!"
by romeo November 22, 2003
Also refered to as "pudding of the panties", "oatmeal","cottage cheese" or "sour milk". Describes off colored chunks of vaginal secretions.
After a long hard night of spanking it, yanking it and twirkin it, my boyfriend asked what he felt in my pants, and i replied, "its nothing- just some panty pudding".
by romeo November 22, 2003
I.e. cool, mega cool, excellent
"I would love to goto see ACDC live man".

"Me too, that would be poster!"
by Romeo October 21, 2004
a term used to describe placing xanex pills into a candy bar and eating it. xanex+candy=xandy bar
Man im tired of blowin this shit, pass me a xandy bar.
by Romeo April 24, 2004

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