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3 definitions by rome1325

a term describing an incredibly uncomfortable situation.
Steve: That was super-awk.
Sally: word.
by rome1325 July 03, 2009
A literary character from the unwritten 8th Harry Potter book, entitled "Harry Potter and the Roming Knight.' Note: The Roming Knight is the formal title for the character Rome. He and Bellatrix Lestrange are mortal enemies, though they also share a forbidden, tragic love.
Harry Potter: Dude, The Roming Knight just hit me with a kick-ass stunning spell.
Ron Weasley: No kidding! Was Bellatrix Lestrange there?
by Rome1325 June 28, 2009
The name of the character from the unwritten 8th Harry Potter book whose formal title is The Roming Knight.
I saw Rome the other day, and he was totally checking out Bellatrix Lestrange.
by rome1325 June 28, 2009