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much similar to the word broheem. a brotha that is cool a friend that is very close to you and you want to get stupid with
steven:yo braheem
roman:what up nigga
steven:wanna get hecka hyphee after school since were braheems
roman:hell ya
by roman merrell March 17, 2008
didlee means "kick ass" or "fuck ya" it is to agree with someone. or in another way say true that
steven:let's go trolling for some slimmies
roman:DIDLEE!! MY dood didlee
steven:wow roman what a intellegent word.
roman:didlee steven
by roman merrell March 17, 2008
to be extremely ripped and have dry anal sex.
i have experienced this procedure to very painful and would not advise this at home and/or anywheres
prom date: where the FUCK are we??

myself: uuh i think were in a scummy hotel

prom date: did we? uuhh!!!

myself: ya! i think so. my dick burns like really

supermodel of the year: i think this video tape might solve your problems

prom date/myself:whaaaa??

supermodel of the year: didlee!
(pops in the vid)

myself: wow what a cheap room only a baggie of meth.. holy shit im ripped outta my mind

prom date: wanna have anal sex

myself: is that even a damn question
(thinks to self: "im so damn laced")

(after movie)

prom date/myself: well shit i guess we did it

supermodel of the year: this is what we would like to call "woodburn". just so you know. well ima dip set! peace out braheem

by roman merrell March 21, 2008
or in other words absoloutley great. tougher than a black guys dick. HOLY SHIT MY DOOOD as you can see this word has many definitions
jake:yo!roman why are you so mothafuckin FLICK

ROMAN:dood why thanks jake i know im really damn strong and can beat up anybody in the planet but i didnt know i was so tough and bad ass to be FLICK thanks your areal pal!

jake:anytime broheem anytime
by roman merrell March 17, 2008
"laced" one might think of this word as HIGH NIGGA
but in this case its not. It means hella buff or Roman only because he is insanely buff or "laced"
Jake: hey nigga

roman: yo guyy what it is

jake:ohh sorry roman for staring you are incredibly LACED, have you been lifting

roman:yea i have braheem

jake:well ima dip set! peace

by roman merrell March 18, 2008

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