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Amber Is A Dirty Oralist.
by Roman January 08, 2003
One who farts in the bath tub and bites the bubbles.
Mike (Waynes World) Meyers is the tweerp on Saturday Night Live.
by roman November 20, 2003
sitting at home , home,
what you doin?
just posted at the swa aka swaheel
by Roman August 28, 2004
a traveling guy who comes defenitely back to his girlfriend.
diomedeida meets enken on the 13 july
by roman June 15, 2003
She is a definitely numinous, sapient, my lonely being completing, the world healing and betimes very rational female.

did i say numinous?

with enken, the world ameliorate.

stop war with enken.

do something like enken.

love enken to become a better human.

set devoted to enken! ( like i do )
by roman January 20, 2003
something a person says after being involved in the misfortune of others or other mischeif related activity. should be said while being (or almost being) caught doing the activity. the higher the pitch (when saying the term) the more extreme the activity
Joe: Someone egged my house and threw a rock in my car window

by roman December 21, 2003
Best scrolling shooter ever made. Created in the late 70s.
Galaga took several dollars from me
by Roman January 18, 2004
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