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while feeling paranoid, pressing pause on your mp3 player to hear what people around you are talking about, while giving the impression that you are still lisening to music.
(While wearing headphones)

jack: dude i can hear what your talking about
jill:chilaxe man and stop paramuting
by rolph March 16, 2009
a sweet or confectionery found on the floor of a public toilet that may resemble fecal matter
husband: honny i just found some toilet candy

wife: be sure to wipe it before you eat it
by rolph February 28, 2007
a old britsh term for bullshit
guy1: i say i did see that whale in thee bar

guy2:cods wollop
by rolph February 28, 2007
a name for a ginger irish man who thinks hes gangster
guy1:look puff paddys coming

guy2(whos ginger and thinks hes gangster)brap brap my homeboyz
by rolph February 28, 2007
a man or woman that covets sausages for plesure
husband:i need to get some more sausages

wife:man your such a sausagemeister
by rolph February 28, 2007
a word which is said to people who try too hard to be funny or try to hard when insulting people
guy1 your so supid

guy2 not as supid as you

guy1 neiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
by rolph February 28, 2007

a term that refers to not giving a shit about something or someone
guy1:you will never believe what i saw today


by rolph February 28, 2007
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