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Ones destiny or great path that is set before them.
What is, is. But all is Ka
by Roland September 21, 2003
A cheap plastic jug or box of wine; must be 4 litres or more and cost under nine dollars. The original Bumjug was a plastic gallon of Vintner's Choice red which retailed for $4.85 in 1985.
"Who's there?"
"Howie WHO?"
"How we gonna get another BUMJUG?"
by roland April 29, 2002
A "safe" hideout to meet & split the cash after a heist, or a place to live when you want to drop out of sight
We turned his whole crash-pad upside down, nil, nada, sweet FA!
by roland November 11, 2004
Italian for little underwear. Usually refers to items which are scanty, a bra which doesn't cover much, panties which are barely there.
As she undressed I noticed her mutandine. She wore a bra which barely covered her nipples, and french-cut briefs with a waist so low that she had to shave her pubes.
by Roland December 09, 2003
SSChevy, an internet-forum inhabiting social reject, dwelling in his mother's unlit basement "flaming" other forum goers and trying to earn respect from people he will never meet in real life or ever truly socially interact with.
known to have a sports car in their forum signiture or avatar, in a vain attempt to look slightly less homosexual and seem, in some lesser circules, cool or even rad.

Known to rip off content of other forum goers infront of their noses before slandering them and claiming to have done approxomitly 3 times more work than possible for someone of his intelligence.
"You stole my novel I just posted 2 hours ago on this very forum and changed the name claiming it was yours!"
by Roland August 20, 2004
Yet another definition for SHAG....in a mid 1950's Chuck Berry song (I think it was Mabellene), there's a line that goes, "shag on down to ..... ". In the context in which it's written, it means to go some where. Such as, "Let's shag", meaning, "Let's go" (rather than let's fuck).
Let's SHAG.........meaning let's go
by Roland October 31, 2005
One definition comes from the Roller Derby when the fastest skater passes those on the other team. When the skater is going really fast he is on a JAM. A slang useage example would be "let's jam".
Let's jam instead of let's go
by Roland October 31, 2005

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