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3 definitions by rok paypuh sizzuhz

A drink usually drank around Christmas time. Its made by mixing a brick of cocaine into a 5 gallon bucket of water with a half gallon of whole milk.
Pass that nignog here mother fucker.
by Rok paypuh sizzuhz July 10, 2008
A sandwich usually eaten during lunch. It is made with white bread, two ounces of cocaine, two slices of ham, and marijuana for lettuce.
Wash that nigwich down with some nignog baby.

Ritchie, finish your nigwich or you can't go to the park today.

A nigwich just isn't a nigwich without COCAINE MOTHA FUCKA!
by Rok paypuh sizzuhz October 02, 2008
A slang term for ejaculate or ejaculating. AKA Chuz, Sass, sperm, jizz, spluge, etc.
I giggled on her face.

She let me giggle on her face.

I took a picture of her with my giggle on her face.
by rok paypuh sizzuhz October 02, 2008