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A insult directed to a person (you believe) to be of lower class or status. Someone for whom perhaps the swallowing of snot is challenging enough occupation alone.
"Get away from my car you snot gobbling little shit bag!"

or as an affectionate term of greeting: "Alright snot gobbler?"
by rojodelosaltos February 11, 2005
The process of male sexual ejaculation.
My dear, such is the state of my personal arousal that I shall have no recourse but to spermaculate all over your lilly whites forthwith.
by rojodelosaltos February 11, 2005
An abusive term to describe a female, implying a lack of hygiene, class or possibly both.
Mind your teeth crack hag, or this will be the last time I line your pocket with a dollar you pissy knickered little trollop!
by rojodelosaltos February 11, 2005

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