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A small suburb about 30 minutes from Boston.By far the gayest city in Massachusetts. Tewksbury borders Lowell, Billerica, Andover, and Wilmington.Market Basket is the only grocery store. The only schools here are shitty ones and arent acreddited. The town wastes its money on pointless things like watering a feild where nothing grows and building a humungous senior center. There are Dunkin Donuts pretty much on every street. The number of dance studios is ridiculous. If you are a teenager in Tewksbury, you are either a pothead, a wigger, or a prep. Tewksbury is also referred to as "T-bury". Our streets are under construction everyday. No streets are paved. The only establishments in this town are restaurants.Plan on entertaining yourself. I would give a longer defenition if this town was slightly interesting.
A few things you may hear in Tewksbury:

-I went to Mahket Basket next to lowell yestahday and saw Lindah from dunkin dohnuts.

-Whens the next town meeting?

-I cant buhleev im wastin' my tax dollahs.

-When are they gonna put sourage in our paht of town?

by roflroflrofl October 24, 2006

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