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a non existant fall guy ,a name you give the polis if you want of the hook usualy used in alcahol related crimes
like john smithor jo blogs
you get puled over for drunk driveing
polis : whats yuor name
you: alex disney
or underage drinking

polis: who gave you the alcahol
you: alex disney
by rodney star "kinky" June 30, 2010
basement filed with wimen often dresd as wareor prinsesis and othe d&d stile fetishis when used in parodes often shortend to "clungon". the farze was first coind by d.o.r but is slowly pasing into comen use
hay did you hear john has a new clunge dungon. (d.o.r)
by rodney star "kinky" June 30, 2010
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