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The act of putting icy-hot, bengay, etc, on one's condom before intercourse. This is usually used as a revenge move or as a practical joke. An excellent way to end one's relationship.
Bitch doesn't think i know she cheated on me; think ill give her an Alabama Hotpocket and then dump her ass.
by rod-man April 08, 2007
B.O.O.P Blow out of proportion
I knew some of those things you said were boop!
by Rod-Man January 11, 2004
this is a word refering to something being wet or soggy. crazy-ass bitches are deathly afraid of the word and cringe when they hear it.
"hey did you hear about that crazy-ass nazi ho, ms santy?"

"no, what about her?"

"crazy bitch is afriad of the word moist!"

"wtf, wow. thats just really fucked up."
by rod-man November 29, 2004

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