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Colorado Casual (also known as John Denver Formal) usually includes a long sleeve button up shirt (stripes are a plus) tucked into wrangler jeans (or any wrangleresque brand), accompanied by a brown belt. Shoes can range anywhere from nike trainers to cowboy boot, so express yourself.
1. My neighbor dresses in a Colorado Casual style when he takes his kids to school in the carpool.
2. Do you think I can wear a t-shirt to this party or is it going to be Colorado Casual?
by rockymountainhigh November 06, 2007
A personal style of presenting oneself to the world. Your own personal swagger. A display of confidence in the way one moves, walks and talks. Self-assuredness with a hint of sex-appeal and attitude. There is a direct correlation between snojo and high altitude sports. Increasing the altitude increases the attitude.
Get your snojo on!
Shaun White got some snojo!
by RockyMountainHigh March 06, 2012

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