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Any constructive educational and intellectual practice that aims to facilitate optimal learning outcomes through interaction between students
Some school in the suburbs might have a legitimate collaboration
by rockwell13 August 23, 2006
its information that you get in a commercial. similar to playing an irish racial marshal. not to be mistaken for a fercial..but only partial.
im like one of those informercials. you know what one of them is? its information that you get in a commercial.
by rockwell13 July 14, 2006
plasma in a magnetic field is heated through the resonance effect when the vibration frequency of an oscillating electromagnetic field matches the gyro-frequency of the charged particles in the plasma. This effect is known as Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating, and enables the generation of superheated plasma over 100 million degrees celcius of temperature.
this definition is pretty much ruining the title "urban" dictionary. but every dictionary should have something like cyclotron resonance.
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
TUNED standard issue equipment.2 microns thick, with a tensile strength of 2.4 tons, this wire is one cylindrical molecule, held togethor by the powerful covalent bonds between atoms.
mono-molecular wire is so thin it is practically invisible to the naked eye. if the wire was moving around 10 miles an hour it could easily go through anything. metal,cars,buildings.
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
a close-range technique used to counter an opponents defensive moves. Rooted in chinese kung fu and the phillipine martial art kali.
i suck at trapping....loooool
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006

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