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People use this term to get ahead in life.

White people can NOT use it or they are racist.

Any other ethnic group can use it, although not all choose to.

94% of the time Caucasians are the racists in question.

Racists are looked down on.

This term is over used.


If you are a white, wealthy, concervative, you are racist.
I am a racist.
I am a racist because I am white.
My mom's a racist because she told a black peer of mine who was bullying me to stop telling me that she was going to break me in half.
My dad's a racist because he hired the white man instead of the black man, even though the white man had more credentials.
My parents are racist because they voted for McCain.
I am a racist because I would rather be called 'Caucasian' instead of 'White'.
I am a racist because I called a kid black.
I am a racist because even though my best friend is African American I said I though Obama was dumb.
I'm a racist because I live in a nice house.
I'm a racist because I go to private school.
I'm a racist because even though my GPA was higher than the black kid, I got into Harvard and they didn't.
I'm a racist because I feel like the odd-girl out at public school because the school is only 5 % white.
I'm a racist for liking Abercrombie.
I'm a fucking racist, okay!?
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by rockstarrrgirlie March 12, 2009
An African American is essentially a black person. Us white folk are expected to call them African American or we are racist. Many African Americans hate being called African Americans, but if a white person calls them black, they go all "wtf your a fucking racist you honkey" on them. As do the other white people. So, if your black, go ahead and keep calling yourself "black" "nigga" and "negro", but if your white you'd better not call them any of those things, because you are going to be called a racist. So be a good little honkey crackka and call those self-proclaimed niggas, white-proclaimed African-Americans, African Americans.
White Person: HEY!!! wazzup my black buddy!

Black Person(cross out) African American: DAMN YOU FUCKING HONKEY TONKEY CRACKKA RACIST!! You betta be callin' me & my nigga's African Americans ya hearrrrrr!!!!!!!!!


African American: Did you see that Crackka? He called me Black!! Nigga, I dunno how we even live in this white society. Damn boi! I get fucking harrassed by dem Honkeys every fucking day!! If I wazz white I would get A's instead of F's cuz Mizz Fucking José is such a racist too all us niggas! I bet they dont have to do no work!

Miss José: Boys, now, I helped you out here. I gave you a C instead of a D. Happy?

Good African American Boy: YES!!! I GOT AN A!!!!!!

*later goes on to be the next George Washington Carver*

African American: FUCK! A C! THAT FUCKIN' RACIST

* later goes on to be the next wanna be TI *
#black #black person #racist #white #honkey #nigga #african #american
by rockstarrrgirlie March 13, 2009
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