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An annoying device(yet useful for emergency only)that you see someone speaking into or screaming into everytime you go to Walmart, the mall, on a work break, and most irritating, in a public computer lab or movie theater.
Scene: Movie Theater
*Loud Annoying Ringtone Ringing* Idiot answers softly, "Hello?" Then loudly, "Hello!! I can't hear you....call me back, eh ok bye." *Loud Ringing AGAIN*, "HEY BABY WHATS UP.(everyone in the room turns to the Idiot) "NOTHING IM JUST HERE WATCHING A MOVIE....(laughs at movie line) "WHAT?? SHUT THE F* UP! HE WENT TO SAN ANTONIO? REALLLYYYYYY....WHEN???" (about 3 people sssssshhhhhh him, and 1 girl curses at him)

Ah, that drives me insane. If one is going to have a personal convo please go outside. I own a cell phone but I don't want everyone knowing my business so I respect and talk somewhere else or at least softly and not grab everyone's attention. Is one that lonely that they need to create so much noise? I also pay to watch a movie and not to listen to some dumbo talking to his "baby's mama."
by rockstarhk April 24, 2006

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