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Unwashed, smelly vagina
I went down for a chew but her stench trench was a real minger
by RockMink November 09, 2004
Oral sex act whereby the recipient's balls are licked or sucked while his penis is being vigorously rubbed by hand
She gives a good snorkel
by RockMink November 09, 2004
Inebriated, through excessive consumption of alcohol to the point of losing consciousness. Involuntary body movements (vomiting & defecating) are likely to occur during to a person Pisshead experiencing this state.
I got so shitfaced that I bagged myself
by RockMink November 10, 2004
The final phase of being stoned, where total paralysis sets in. Comes after the giggles and the munchies
That weed got me so wrecked I didn't know if you were speaking English or Albanian
by RockMink November 10, 2004
Oilfield slang for a tool used to clean out the inside of a flowline or pipeline. Forced through using high pressure fluid.
Hank, get ready to run that rabbit
by RockMink November 10, 2004
A sanitary towel of the super-size variety. Will soak up the contents of a boating lake.
The dirty bitch blocked up the shitter with a fucking hammock
by RockMink November 10, 2004
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