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pronunciation: uuuhhhh...fooobawl...*grunt*

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An american sport that focuses on winning and nothing more. Played with an oblong shaped object made of leather or synthetic material which is pointed on both ends and filled with air. Players of the sport wear extensive systems of body armor to protect them from injury during the course of the game, which involves running around on a 100-yard long field for the sole purpose of tackling and getting the ball to the end zone to score points. The most important piece of equipment is the helmet, which is used to protect their brain (small as it is) from injury.

Football players tend to be egotistic, and often belligerent, assholes due to the sick obsession that schools and the media have with sports and sports stars, which inflates their egos and affords them special treatment wherever they go.

The coaches of these teams are oftentimes worse than the players due to an insatiable drive to WIN! WIN! WIN! People are often belittled by these cretins for lack of interest in sports. Players are beat into submission for losing a game (sounds like macho marine corps type bullshit to me).

Definition 2:
A form of male homoerotic behavior used to compensate for inferior penis size and lack of anger management skills. Also feeds their repressed drive to make sweet love to other men from behind (hut hut hike...ohhhh).
Football is stupid...
by rockhead72 October 03, 2007

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