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stupid ass definition that comes up 50% of the time you hit the random button on UD
seriously, hit random a couple times

Lionel Migration
by rockhard July 10, 2008
A band that is so metal it's scary.
I listened to Mastodon one day. Then I wished I could condense them into liquid and inject it in my veins.
by rockhard May 02, 2007
What Vince McMahon has been saying not only before, but also much cooler than Donald Trump.
Stone Cold Steve Austin, YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!
by rockhard June 22, 2007
Those chicks that fake bake a lot and end up looking golden like C-3PO. You see them all over campus, malls, and target.
Dude 1: Dude, this bar is full of C-3POs.

Dude 2: Yeah, let'a get the fuck out of here.
by rockhard May 30, 2008

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