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the best show in the world where amazing dancers do amazing dances and then get voted off until the best is left
maggie: did you see lacey last night on so you think you can dance
lizzie: OMG i think im gonna commit suicide i missed the whole episode
maggie: o well lacey was amazing but ya i would kill myself too if i missed it
by rockette1day August 08, 2007
a show made for KIDS, which like most kids shows, doesnt have the best plot so everybody need to forget about it because if you dont like it then dont watch it. what does it matter if miley cant act when theres really no reason for you to be watching the show anyway
chrissie: i hate hannah montana, she cant act, sing, or do anything, shes gay and she doesnt deserve to have a tv show or be famous. even though i feel this way about her, i constantly talk about her and i even watch the show when i could easily avoid it if i wanted to
maggie: wow chrissie your pretty gay if you dont like the show then just stop watching it
by rockette1day August 08, 2007

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