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Mysterious creature that is said to exist only if you don’t believe in it. But, if you do believe it exists, then it doesn’t. Tends to haunt students of logic and babies. Form unknown.
friend: i think i saw a Paradoxotaur yesterday

me:no you didnt, if you believed in it, then it doesnt exist. i can see it because i dont believe in it
by rockdablok February 28, 2007
in the same vein as run train, due to the fact that they are both sexual acts using transportation as a euphemism.

running plane consists of sticking ones fist in another, by way of vagina, anus, or anything else as far as it will go. using the same arm the fist is on, the instigator of the plane will proceed to lift the receiver up by whatever the fist is in and running around. if your lifting muscle is sub-par, the same can be accomplished by stepping up on a ladder and positioning oneself on top of said fist.
boy:im going to stick my fist in you
girl: i heard running plane is fun.
boy: ok i'll run plane on you
girl: weeeeeeeee this is soooooo fun, and sexy
boy: ooooh yeea
by rockdablok November 09, 2007

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