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A covert farting technique that uses the stench of someone else's farts to mask your own.
Person #1: Ugh, did you smell Randy's farts last night?

Person #2: Yeah, they reeked but thankfully I was able to squeak out some of my own under the cover of darkness.
by rock_lobster February 09, 2010
A method of shaving one's balls where a deposit of shaving cream is kept on the thigh for the shaver to grab from as needed to relather his balls.
Person #1: Man, shaving my balls in the shower was such a mess until I heard about the painter's palette. Now I can selectively apply the shaving cream to my balls!

Person #2: Wait, what?
by rock_lobster January 27, 2010
A rock star who actively promotes Barack Obama to the detriment of his/her fans and music
Person #1: Will.I.Am was so cool before he became a barack star
Person #2: Will.I.Am hasn't been cool since the 'Bullworth' soundtrack
by rock_lobster December 02, 2009
When you lick your toe and then stick it in someone's ear.
Person #1: Agh! What the fuck was that?
Person #2: A wet william.
Person #1: Great, now I have athlete's ear.
by rock_lobster July 06, 2010
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