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4 definitions by rock79

Noun- A secret location, often between a bed and a wall, were used masturbatory tube socks congregate.
Dude, I'm so embarrassed! My mom found the sock ranch when she was cleaning my room yesterday.
by rock79 February 19, 2009
13 3
Noun- Crushed and uncrushed Busch Light (etc.) cans littering gravel and rural roads. Often redeemable for nickels (dimes in Michigan).
Dude, after all the booze cruisin', we left some serious backroad silver all over.
by rock79 June 25, 2009
4 2
(noun) Any of several heinous acts committed by zombie filmmakers who violate traditional "Romero-style" rules. (Ex- running zombies, strong zombies, zombies who can speak full sentences, zombies who eat brains exclusively).
Zack Snyder committed a major act of zomblasphemy by having his zombies run.
by rock79 November 15, 2010
3 4
(v) To attack, either verbally or physically, someone who should be considered sympathetic or friendly to the attacking party.
Dude, Fox News totally jacknutted Ron Paul.
by Rock79 August 15, 2011
1 3