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The nigger way of saying chicken. (Pronounced like "check-in" but prolonging the "in")
Not used when referring to a live or properly cooked chicken, but to the deep fried "chicken" that comes in KFC buckets...
Latonya:"Hey boo what'd you have fo dinnah?"
Trayvon:"I got me some chickeeeeeen"
by rock-cupid November 20, 2010
A moustache resulting from putting on too much chapstick and pressing one's lips together. The chapstick user often does not notice its presence but is quickly brought back down to earth by a peer.
Hayley: Hey Marc...So I was thinking maybe you and I should...

Marc: Uhh...You have a chapstick moustache!

Hayley: Shoot! (wipe)
by rock-cupid October 08, 2010

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