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A relatively unknown school in Maryland, second to College Park in both size and stature, but certainly not in partying. Close proximity to Baltimore allows frequent trips to some of the best yet cheapest clubs and bars in the USA. Home to a top 10 Lacrosse program on the rise as well as the 5+ time NCAA champion dance team, yet most fans remain apathetic or fans of UMD. Nightlife is run mostly by greeklife and people from out of state. most MDers go home to mom and dad dreaming of transfering to College Park, but they won't 8 times out of 10.

Most noteworthy- Towson has the most beautiful girls. The ratio to men is something in the 65/35 area, and the women above an 8 on the 1-10 scale hovers around 75% every year. It WILL make you go home and think of everyone as ugly and relatively boring.
Towson's girls are the hottest on the East Coast by far.
by rock lo March 27, 2005
also a nickname for Phi Sigma Kappa. Whichever organization was at the school first usually lays claim to this. An alternate term can be PSK or Phi Sig Kap if Phi Sigma Sigma was there first.
Phi Sig was founded in 1873.
by rock lo March 27, 2005

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