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a large group of talentless bimbos, skanks and hos, like the lousy Spice Girls. They think they are a music group but like the Spice Girls, they have NO singing or musical abilities whatsoever. They were assembled from strip club circuits, just like the Spice Girls. THIS is an example of what's wrong with the music business today. Good looks do not a good band make.
The Pussycat Dolls' "music", lyrics and videos are all complete piles of SHIT. Worthless trash.
#corporate #garbage #untalented #sex appeal #rubbish #crap #puke #unlistenable
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
1. someone who is always there to be a shoulder to cry on.
A lover who is also a father figure, or a security blanket. Someone who does everything for his/her lover.

2. a 1990 hit for Depeche Mode. Johnny Cash covered it on his last album.
1. Bruce is a sugar daddy for Mary. He's her own personal Jesus.

2. Reach out and touch faith...
#provider #love #pillar of support #messiah #elvis and priscilla #synthrock #dance
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
love gun, rocket, the monkey, ding dong, dingus, dinghy, wong, dong, Tootsie Roll, wiener, need I say more? The inspiration for the name of one of the most famous punk rock bands of all time.
Graham is in the rest room polishing his sex pistol again.
#penis #dong #little elvis #minky #tube steak #how many more synonyms do you want? there's too many!
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
a unique American state, bordering the Canadian province of Quebec. For a few years during the Revolution Vermont was an independent republic. Vermont has Lake Champlain (known for the Champ monster), the picturesque Green Mountains, snowy winters, cool people, clean air, and of course, its famous maple syrup industry.
On a Sunday I drove from Montreal to St. Alban's Bay, Vermont because I had never been to New England before. At the border is a sign that says "Welcome to the United States, Bienvenue Etat Unis". A nearby sign welcomes you to Vermont. I took a few shots of the Green Mountains panorama and the Champaign lake. I didn't see the Champ, however. When I returned to Canada the lady border patrol officer smiled when I showed her the bottle of Vermont syrup I got for my mom.
#american #state #canada #mountains #snow #resort #syrup #french language
by rock'n'roller April 10, 2007
to stick ones hand in a pants pocket, reach for ones sex pistol and grab it.
David is playing pocket pool again!
#sex pistol #jerk off #toodle the noodle #feel the rocket #pump it up #rocks off
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
1. a gentle movement of the fingertips on something

2. a movement in rowing to move a boat forward or back

3. ceberal hemmohage. An anerysm, an apopoloxy.

4. a jack off.

5. a 1981 hit for Billy Squier.
1. Quit stroking them damn shoes!

2. George's strokes propelled the canoe fast.

3. My grandfather died of a stroke.

4. Mark is stroking in the boy's room.

5. I heard "The Stroke" on the radio today.
... you know stroke's the word...
#movement #run fingers over #bop #slap your monkey #pocket pool #propel #1981 #rock'n'roll #rocks off
by rock'n'roller April 09, 2007
another stupid hack New Age "composer" who wants to be a pianist and synthesizer whiz who writes bloated, pompous artsy-fartsy puke that is nothing more than elevator muzak for the modern age we live in. This wretched garbage called "New Age" is just corporate modern-day elevator music consisting of overblown "classical" pretension with just enough of a post-Pink Floyd touch to make it more updated. Utterly disposable. There is much better instrumental music around. Hell, Pink Floyd has done far better instrumentals. Check them out, they kick Yawn-ee's ass any day.
1. in college, many women I knew there swore up and down about the merits of the music of Yanni. I listened to the suggestions of my friends and opened my musical horizons, listening beyond the box. Roxy Music is awesome, Nick Lowe is a witty rockin' dude, and I just couldn't get into Harry Connick, Jr. at all. Well, I saw a PBS special that featured Yanni live at home in Greece and man did it ever ess you cee kay. Totally poofy trash.

2. I was visiting a friend's house shortly after he got married. He slipped in a Yanni disc and read off some yucky love "lyrics" that he wrote to the music. I was laying on a bed hearing it all, and it was all Barf City. The lyrics were cliched and sickening to the max, and the "music" - well, it just plain sucked big time. The only word that could accurately describe it all was "godawful". It was one of those things that never should've been done. Yeeeccchhh.
#horrible #shit #greek #keyboard #excessive #rubbish #trash #garbage #wretched #airports
by rock'n'roller June 06, 2007
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