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a villainous individual, heartless, selfish.

Named after a near facist politician who ordered the death of an innocent native man in Canada,slashed funding for water protection which resulted in e-coli infection and deaths. Attacked social programs such as health care and education to create a two tier society, helped the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The opposite of Robin Hood.
You are harrisesque. You don't care about people, only yourself.

by Robin Hood September 07, 2003
The hottest italian family around. Shags well.

She must be a Cetrone...
by robin hood November 28, 2004
a man or boy from a sandy region
Carolos is from Nevada, there for he is a sanduedo
by Robin Hood March 10, 2005
A man or boy that came from a sandy region.
Carlos came from Nevada. He is a sanduedo.
by Robin Hood March 10, 2005
to snap you finger and say "Snap!" when something funny, good, bad or anyting happens to somebody or yourself.
"My friend said if you touch my butt I should slap your butt, too."

by Robin Hood March 10, 2005
monkey can be used to refer to a pussy that will trap a nigga like a rat
master p uses this definition in his song "killer pussy"
by robin hood February 21, 2005

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