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2 definitions by roberto el gringo

1. (noun) The result of toilet paper (usually of inferior quality) disintegrating in one's rectal cavity, which inevitably induces the retention of fecal matter terminating in a condition known as dingle berries, or a failed attempt to clean the anus after defecation.

2. (proper noun) Dingleberry Fiesta, A potential trademark which could be used as a brand name for inexpensive toilet paper products.

3. (verb phrase) To throw a dingleberry fiesta.
It looks like this Dingleberry Fiesta brand t.p. had a party in my backyard, took a dump in the pool and left without cleaning up the exploded piñata pieces.
by roberto el gringo March 06, 2009
1. (noun) The 2-month long over-commercialized pagan-cum-Christian answer to Ramadan.
As soon as the Halloween decorations came down, Starbucks started promoting their latest Christmasdan compilation CD.
by Roberto El Gringo December 11, 2010