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Derived from Xenosaga, it is a cinematic event in a videogame that goes on far longer than necissary; while pretty to look at and often times awesome, editting is non-existent.
Troy was a good example of Xenocinema. It just doesn't end.
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
The call-sign of the young, fiesty, female operative on the 'Global Frequency' comic book series and soon-to-be television program. Inspired by Borges, she alone heads the network of monitors and agents connected by phone.
"Central is secure. And I've got one who can talk. We are going to find out exactly who they were and make sure they don't hurt anyone else, ever.

Because that's what the Global Frequency is for."
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
Another synonym for private parts, be it male or female. Cooty is used primarily in an effort to be cute or subtle in the reference to the area, without being excessively dirty.
This popsicle tingles, right down to the cooty.
by Robert Akins November 02, 2005
An amalgamation of words that best describe happy-fun-cool better than the amalgamation happy-fun-cool.
"I saw Natalie Portman in a thong. Talk about automatic joy."
by Robert Akins December 08, 2004
Jack-ass done better. Basically, someone who gets on your nerves so much, it's like a car jack being used on your anus.
"You're such a freakin' assjack." Obviously.
by Robert Akins July 25, 2004
n. The valedictorians and overachievers. Those that would "bite someone's ear off to get that extra academic inch on God's green earth." AP classes and Key Club govern their life- which preferably is rated at a four-decimal-double-zero or higher at all times. Probably asian- unless if living in the midwest. Then caucasian. Social outcasts. Virginal.
"These kids were the 111-Percentile, and the world around them might as well have been a rainbow of grey. Stressed, sullen, and stricken with grief/brilliance, these academic angels were the bottom rung of society here... Irony personified."
by Robert Akins March 16, 2006
n. A good description to use when one simply cannot tollerate the volume on an audio player of any sort, and complains about it, in the same whining sound that a vagina makes during sexual intercourse.
"God.. Turn this Mindless Self Indulgences off... It hurts my ears."
"Don't be such a noise-pussy, Brian."
by Robert Akins June 24, 2004
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