6 definitions by rob o'cop

perfect masturbation. the ultimate goal of any wank amateur.

also used to express a positive situation or outcome.
"how did it go the other night?"

"total wanking, my man, total wanking!"
by rob o'cop October 25, 2008
Term used to describe one with two penises in place of testicles and one great ball in the middle.
Dave: 'Look! Crackers Knackers has got a couple of crazy boners going on!'

Crackers Knackers: 'How unfortunate.'
by rob o'cop August 18, 2006
Erection displaying comical involuntary movement.
Bonee: 'Hey, guys! Look, I got a crazy boner!'

Anyone: 'There's almost certainly something wrong with you.'
by rob o'cop August 18, 2006
Imagining having sex whilst masturbating.

Only really appropriate for people that generally imagine something other than sex, and so rarely useful.
Some odd bastard: 'I had a fuckwank the other day.'

His similarly-minded buddy: 'You sick freak!'
by rob o'cop August 18, 2006
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