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like a power lift but with your anal muscles
ROB: did you hear craig shit his pants yesturday.
JOHN: how the stupid fuck do that.
ROB: he had to fart n it wouldnt come out so he start power fartin n a shit came out
JOHN: hahahahah what a fuckin douche
by Rob n John February 16, 2009
a birthday or bathloret cake shaped like a penis
i got cindey a giant dick cake for her birthday bash. its gonna b loads of fun.
by rob n john January 17, 2009
the k mart brand of kY jelly for your dick OR COCK
i need you to run over to k mart and get me some more stiffy lube
by rob n john January 17, 2009
when you put baby powder in the crack of your ass and you aim your ass at a sleeping friend and fart on him and the powder flys at his face.
John: you i got a narlly idea.
ROB: what is it man?
JOHN: dick anus fell asleep go get me some baby powder.
ROB: lol for what?
JOHN: imma put some baby powder in the crack of my ass and fart on him.
ROB: lol iigh im down.
JOHN: werd operation powder fart
by Rob n John February 16, 2009
when you jerk off a turkey
when a bunch of good ol boys get shit faced and run out of caws to tip they sneak into barns and run a turkey jerkey circle
by rob n john January 17, 2009
when u are having a three some and you fuck one girl up the ass n all the nasty shit juices soak's in to your dick skin and u fling it at girl #1s stomach and then girl #2 shits all over Girl #1
ROB: yo u no that dude kinkey kelly?
JOHN: is that the dude from that movie?
ROB: yeah it is you no he give stanly steamers now.
JOHN: WTF thats some kinkey shit
by Rob n John February 06, 2009
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