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1 definition by rob lord

a sad cunt that has no taste in music or fashion and thinks clown make up and singing about killing people with a hatchet is cool that and think there ninjas but are all nothing more or less then surban white kids acting ghetto. 1. the clown make up and thinking your a ninja makes you look like a a fag and thinking becasue your a "juggalo" you can beat the shit outta anyone just makes them pethetic cunts, its a shame we cant kill people like this on sight as it would be fuckin handy as hell but since muder is shunned we cant so my best advice to people is laugh at them for how much of a big pair of clow shoes they look like.
guy 1.look at that fag juggalo he looks like a total retard he dont look wicked he looks like a pair of clown shoes
guy 2. yeah what a spacker
by rob lord October 01, 2007
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