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5 definitions by rob & queen

Happens after playing with yourself (aka whacking off) and not cleaning up properly with a tissue. After around 10 minutes your member becomes stuck to your underwear because of the excess semen excreted from your cock.
Dude, I had this awesome wank earlier, but 10 minutes later I had a willy dribble, now i need lubricant to get my boxers off.
by Rob & Queen April 03, 2005
67 18
Possibly the most awesome computer game ever. Originally for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, but subject to a shit remake on the craptastic X-Box
Dude, wanna come over and play some toejam and earl?
Damn Fucking Right! That game rules!
by Rob & Queen April 03, 2005
54 28
Someone who refuses to wash their hair and face, despite constant mockery.
Dude, Carly is such a fucking grease bucket. Do you think she actually owns a shower?
by Rob & Queen April 03, 2005
7 1
try and say this word without saying sexy in a gay accent!
say this word, for effect add a growling noise infront of it.
by rob & queen April 04, 2005
3 0
A gaylord who enjoys male copulation on a daily basis. Cockney rhyming slang for "Puffter." See tom b
"Man, my ass hurts."
"What're you, a willy wufter?"
"Yeah, I loooovee the cock."
by Rob & Queen April 03, 2005
6 3