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An all girls boarding school located in the middle of nowhere. Most girls there are pretty cool but a large percent of the population is either lesbian, bisexual, or just really bored and have nothing better to do besides each other. In their free time they smoke cigarettes, watch movies, and order out. Riding is a huugge deal there and they take it really seriously. If you diss the riders...you die. Everybody knows everything about everyone so if you like privacy I would advice that you didn’t go there. These girls are crazy and would do anything for a little adventure. Unlike other boarding schools where the girls are usually prissy little white rich bitches who walk around in heals and expensive clothing. Grier girls usually just throw on some jeans and a sweatshirt five minutes before school and still manage to have time for their morning cigarette. They can be bitches..but only when they have a reason to be.
"do you go to grier?"
"o sweet...do you got a cigarette i can bumb?!"
by roast beaf February 06, 2008

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