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Nosy drivers who turn their heads to look at accidents thus causing severe traffic jams on many roadways.
While rubberneckers looked at a bunny rabbit, they caused a traffic jam.
by road rage May 27, 2005
A sideways weasling from a merged lane into moving traffic. Normally conducted by douchebags.
Why did that motorcycle just have to sweasle his ass into my lane.
by Road rage December 04, 2013
Quite possibly the worst roadway in New York. Is filled with rubberneckers and people who need to invest in a pair of sunglasses. They call it a parkway because its a parking lot most of the time.
I wanted to fucking kill all those damdn rubberneckers on the hutch! It took my dumb long to get home!
by road rage May 27, 2005
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