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A economic and social system which is rearely correctly understood, but is seemed like it is by idiots who can't handle reading Marx's writing. Commonly forgeotten that New morality is a key part of communism, forgotten mainly because most people interpert communism from the point of view from a 1950's government flick or a Economics textbook (hint: Economics teaches you good capitalism)
Kennedy was a commie and Nixon was framed
by ro March 11, 2003
a clothing store for rich preps who have suddenly turned rebellious and "punk."
poser: lets go to hot topic and spend $1000 on patches, spikes, pins, and other poser clothes.
by ro May 11, 2003
a store which stuck up white washed people go and shop becuase they are too pretty and royal to walk in hollywood
"omg, that Amberchrombie shirt looks better than that A&E shirt"
by Ro March 27, 2005
abbreviaton for

Ur So Dumb
boy:"tomorrow i think ima do nothing all day..."
boy: "nevermind i'll just bother you instead"
girl: "hahaha USD!"
by Ro September 09, 2004
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