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Dick head
Wow that guy is forsho an Ian Woods.
by Rm February 11, 2014
Main Entry: gen·tle·man·ly
Pronunciation: -lE
Function: adjective
: characteristic of or having the character of some who is boring, but a real, real nice guy
Don't worry, you will like him, he's very "gentlemanly"
by rm January 26, 2005
To be shot in a major way. You curl up in pain looking "jammed-up". Usually getting jammed means you got killed. Some call a gun a "jammy". Popular in gang/drug culture.
If that guy messes with me one more time he's going to get jammed!
by RM March 04, 2005
The formal of "sucker" or "sucka".
(Hey....listen up suction
by RM March 04, 2005
Derived from sub-neclectigleniage from online partners and Animation Insider friends; Abbrev. for "The Red March", a username from said Forums of Animation Insider.

Definition: The coolest person on AIM. WOOYEAH. 8|
"RM won't shut the fuck up." "Hah, as always."

"Gee, RM is awesome." "YUP."
by RM March 28, 2005

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